Excellent products from Germany for a healthy diet and skin care to ensure the best development for a child. We commit to choose only high quality baby care products, toys, food, and accessories for your child

finest quality for your baby

A pregnant woman’s skin is more demanding and her baby belly, face and body need special care. Distinct nutrition is necessary to prepare for a pregnancy, during the pregnancy and breast feeding period to keep the mom healthy and ensure the wellness of her baby. We offer our customers a selective choice of pregnancy tea, caring oil and special nutrition.

products for expectant moms
pregnancy & maternity

Face care products for different skin types and ages to clean, moisturize, regenerate and balance the skin to keep it longer smooth and beautiful, and protect from environmental impacts. Not only products for daily use, but also special treatment products to keep women’s beauty longer.

natural and organic cosmetic products for every woman’s beauty
protective & caring

high quality products from Germany

As the consumers have an increasing need for high quality products, ZEIMEX supplies a wide selection of products in the field of FMCG to its clients worldwide who may find many European brands at one place with us. We regularly review and adapt accordingly our product offering, which currently comprises the below sectors.


Baby & Mom




Health & nutrition




fashion & jewellery