What’s the expected time of arrival from Germany?

From the moment we ship out your parcel until your receipt, it is 16 days on average. Sometimes it may take a little longer.

How can I track my parcel?

We provide you with a DHL tracking no. of your parcel. You may go on website www.dhl.de to check the status of your parcel. We may also send you a foreign tracking number to contact your forwarder.

How do you ensure safe packaging?

We take special care to ensure your purchased products arrive in good condition at your home overseas, as we understand that local forwarders may not treat the parcel carefully. We use special air bags and foil to protect your purchased products well. The cartons we use to send goods are extra strong with a double-layer, and the extra tape strengthens the carton further.

What shall I do, if I receive a broken product?

Once you receive a package, please check for any broken items before sending anything to your customers. If you have a claim about a broken product, let us know immediately and send us pictures as proof. We will replace it free of charge and will send it with your next shipment.

What payment terms do you offer?

If you are a new customer and start purchasing first time from us, we will ask for prepayment before shipment. After a few transactions and gained mutual trust, we are more flexible with payment terms and offer payment at delivery.

How can we make payment to you?

You may make payment via T/T to our bank account in China, Hong Kong or Germany, or transfer via online payment systems such as Webao.

In which currency do you sell the products?

We prefer to receive payment in EUR, but local currencies RMB or HKD are also accepted and we do the currency exchange.